What inspired Alizeh Shah to become a vocalist?

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

19th May, 2021. 04:38 pm
Alizeh Shah

Leading Pakistani actress and singer Alizeh Shah revealed that her singing passion came into being because of her brother.

Alizeh Shah, 20, who made a name for herself by debuting in a big project in the Pakistan showbiz industry at an early age, was interviewed by a private TV channel on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Several short videos of the popular Pakistani singer are going viral on the social media platform Instagram.

During the interview, Alizeh Shah disclosed that she became interested in singing and developed a passion for it when she saw her brother listen to songs on headphones. She would sing along with him when her brother used to listen to loud songs with headphones on.

Alizeh Shah further mentioned that her brother is very shy so he will never sing in public nor is he interested in showbiz.

In another video which went viral, Alizeh Shah spoke about her beauty and skincare routine. The singer said she no longer uses any products on her skin or experiments with them. Her skin is cleansed just with the amount of water she drinks.

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