Hareem Shah Silences Content Creators Spreading Hearsay

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

29th Jun, 2021. 12:00 pm
Hareem Shah projects

TikTok sensation Hareem Shah released a video message on speculations about her husband after she tied the knot with a PPP provincial minister.

The well-known TikToker shared her video on her Instagram account and asked social media users not to associate her with anyone because she has never been in a relationship with anyone before.

Hareem Shah mentioned in the video message that all the people she has been making videos with, so far, were just for their individual promotions and it is not always necessary that the videos made for the purpose of promotion, must have any connection with her.

“Please don’t share my photos with different people. If I had a relationship with anyone before that, I would definitely let people know,” said the TikTok star.

It may be recalled that the news of Hareem Shah’s marriage to a PPP member of the Sindh Assembly made rounds yesterday after which users associated Hareem Shah with various people in the memes.

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