Imran Abbas shares adorable video with his junior fan club

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

03rd Jun, 2021. 09:17 pm
Imran Abbas Hunza

Leading TV show duo of the Pakistani showbiz industry, actor Imran Abbas and actress Ayeza Khan’s have fans which transcend the boundaries of being restricted to a certain age group or city. Turns out, children from the Hunza Valley, located in the northern areas of Pakistan, also turned out to be fans of the renowned on-screen couple.

Actor Imran Abbas is currently enjoying the beautiful scenery of Pakistan touring the Sir Shar Hussain valleys. The actor also met the beautiful and mischievous children of the Hunza Valley.

Imran Abbas has shared an interesting video on the photo and video sharing app Instagram, in which he can be seen having a conversation with some school children.

Expressing happiness at the beginning of the video, Imran Abbas said, “I am very happy to know that the literacy rate of Hunza Valley is 100% and all the children go to school.”

Imran Abbas also that, “I am surprised that these children recognized me as soon as they saw me.”

When asked which plays of the actor they have watched, the children responded saying ‘the Sehar drama’.

In response to this, Imran Abbas while addressing actress Ayeza Khan said that her drama ‘Sehar’ has been watched there in the valley.

Sharing his video with the children, Imran Abbas wrote in the caption of his post, “Party with Bacha Party…. My Junior Fan Club.”

He further mentioned, “On my way to lower Hunza had a little chat these adorable school going kids.”

Earlier, showbiz actors Imran Abbas and Ushna Shah were fuming over the YouTube channel admins spreading fake marriage rumours all over the internet.

Imran and Ushna were not having it with shady clickbait headlines spreading false news about them online. Abbas spoke up against the bloggers and click baiters who associated his co-star’s names with his in marriage rumours and also requested his fans to boycott them.

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