New Zealand: Muslims Angry Over Proposed Film On Christchurch Attack

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

12th Jun, 2021. 03:12 pm
New Zealand: Muslims Angry Over Proposed Film On Christchurch Attack

Muslims have expressed outrage at the filming of two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in the wake of the March 15, 2019, terrorist attack on the Al Noor Mosque and Lane Wood by terrorist Brenton Torrent.

According to the reports, after the announcement of the film being made in the context of the mosque attack by the New Zealand filmmaker Andrew Niccol, the Muslims there have expressed their anger and regret.

Following the filmmaker’s announcement, the trend #TheyAreUsShutdown took to Twitter in New Zealand on June 10 and 11, prompting not only Muslims but also others to demand that the film not be made.

The Muslim Association of Centenary, a Muslim organization, also said in a statement that it was concerned about the film being made, adding that “Muslims are still at risk of being attacked.”

The role of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was important after the terrorist attack, but Muslims are still feeling fear and the film in the context of attacks on mosques. Making is not a good idea.

Similarly, well-known Muslim writers there also objected to the idea of ​​making a film in the wake of attacks on mosques and announced not to make a film.

At the same time, many people on Twitter demanded the withdrawal of the announcement of making the film.

In addition, the National Islamic Association also launched an online petition on the online platform ‘’ after the announcement of the film, which was signed by thousands of people demanding not to make the film.

Regarding the film, the Hollywood Reporter said that filmmaker Andrew Niccol will make a film on the issue, which will be produced by several people and their producers include Muslims.

The name of the film has been suggested as ‘They Are Us’, the main story of which is not about the terrorist attacks on mosques and the plight of the victims but revolves around showing the efforts of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The film is also named after Jacinda Ardern’s speech in solidarity with Muslims after the attacks, which will show only her efforts.

The role of Jacinda Ardern in the film will be played by Australian actress Rose Barney while all the shooting of the film will be done in New Zealand.

It is not yet clear when the shooting of ‘They Are Us’ will start and whether the film will be made despite the anger of Muslims. However, Muslims have launched a campaign against the film being made.

On the other hand, an explanatory statement has been issued from the office of Jacinda Ardern that the Prime Minister has no role in the film.

Despite Muslim outrage and a campaign against the film, filmmaker Andrew Niccol has yet to issue an explanation.

It may be recalled that 51 worshipers were martyred and 50 were injured in terrorist attacks on New Zealand mosques.

Following the attacks, terrorist Brenton Tarrant was arrested and tried under terrorism provisions and sentenced to life in prison in August 2020.

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