No one invites me to their wedding, Hira Mani complains

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

16th Jun, 2021. 01:28 pm
Hira Mani complain

One of the leading and talented actresses of the Pakistani drama industry, Hira Mani complained that no one invites her to her wedding.

Recently, actress Hira Mani participated in a program aired on a private TV channel where she answered various questions asked by the host Shahzad Iqbal.

Talking about Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain during the program, Hira Mani said, “I saw in a dream that Iqra and Yasir are playing in the park with their child and are very happy.”

Speaking of Hira Mani, the host asked, “Have you ever had nightmares? To which the actress said, ‘No! I am very happy for Iqra and Yasir and I also express my best wishes for them.

The host humorously said, “Iqra and Yasir didn’t even invite you to their wedding, but you still pray for them.”

Hira Mani said, “Yes, I don’t know why no one invites me to their wedding when I am very fond of going to strangers’ weddings but people don’t invite me.”

On the actress’ complaint, the host asked, “No one even invites you to morning show weddings? To which the actress said, “I don’t go to morning show weddings myself.”

Hira Mani added, “I like morning shows very much but I myself avoid going to morning show weddings.”

It is to be noted that during the same program, Hira Mani, while talking about the controversy between Hania Aamir and singer Asim Azhar, had said, “I shared a picture of Asim Azhar on social media during this controversy, which did not mean anything or that I support Asim.”

Hira Mani additionally said, “Actually! I am a fan of Asim Azhar, I have worked with him, and he has a good personality.”

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