Shah Rukh Khan reveals what his grandmother named him

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

26th Jun, 2021. 01:01 pm
Shah Rukh Khan Abdur Rehman

The Bollywood king, popularly known as Shah Rukh Khan around the world, has revealed that his grandmother named him Abdur Rehman as a child.

According to Indian media reports, Shah Rukh Khan attended the program of Bollywood actor Anupam Kher as a guest where he shared an important secret with the fans.

In the program, Anupam Kher asked Shah Rukh Khan, “Do you know a person named Abdur Rehman?” To which the actor said, “I don’t know anyone but my maternal grandmother had named me Abdur Rehman in my childhood.”

In response to Shah Rukh Khan’s revelation, the host asked, “Were you surprised by my question?” The actor replied, “Yes!” I am surprised because my name is not registered anywhere and no one knows.

The Bollywood actor said he didn’t like the name and his cousins ​​used to annoy him by singing and old song which was something like ‘Abdur Rehman ki main Abdur Rehmaniya.’

“After that, my father changed my name to Shah Rukh Khan and I was registered everywhere with the same name and that name became my identity,” he said.

The actor added that Shah Rukh means ‘prince-like face’.

It should be noted that superstar Shah Rukh Khan started his career in the TV industry in 1980 and made his film debut in 1992 with Deewana.

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