What is Mehar Bano grateful to Saba Qamar for?

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

04th Jun, 2021. 01:01 pm
Mehar Bano

Pakistani actress Mehar Bano revealed during a recent interview that she was harassed on set during a shoot, and that is when she was rescued and helped by well-known actress and supermodel Saba Qamar.

The ‘Churails‘ series actress disclosed that she was on a set during a shoot when she was harassed by a crew member. She was shocked by the act and did not understand what was happening at that point in time as she was fairly new to the showbiz industry back then.

Mehar Bano added that upon seeing this, Saba Qamar sided with her and raised a voice for her fellow actress against the harasser. Saba Qamar had the harasser kicked out of set and from the following shoots.

After this incident, Mehar Bano realized that one can be harassed by anyone at any time, so they should strengthen themselves and keep their eyes open to avoid such incidents taking place in the future.

“After this incident, I realized that every woman should be strong enough to support another woman and raise her voice for her,” she said.

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