Why did fashion designer Maheen Ghani criticize Fahad Mustafa?

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

10th Jun, 2021. 09:59 am
Fahad Mustafa

One of the leading designers of the fashion industry Maheen Ghani has sharply criticized actor Fahad Mustafa for not portraying women in a better light.

Earlier, Fahad Mustafa had tweeted about the controversy between Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar, in which he supported Hania.

The actor and host said that the women in our industry are treated unfairly which is very offensive.

“if you dont like what they do you have a choice not to follow them but stop judging and trolling …#respectwomen” he wrote in a message posted to social media.

Sharing Fahad Mustafa’s tweet, fashion designer Maheen Ghani wrote, “He produces show’s based on false harassment claims by women in a county where women are already suffering unprotected and marginalized but is horrified by the trolling.”

Maheen Ghani said that women are scared of being trolled on social media.

“Why don’t you portray women in a better light and stop the judgements. #RespectWomen,” the designer further added.

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