Why did Kinza Hashmi call her mother a murderer?

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

23rd Jun, 2021. 02:05 pm
Kinza Hashmi mother

Leading Pakistani actress Kinza Hashmi said that she had a pet which was killed by her mother.

Actress Kinza Hashmi, who is playing the lead role in the drama serial ‘Mohlat’, recently gave an interview in which an interesting short clip from the interview is going viral.

Kinza Hashmi narrated the story of her pet chick in this viral video.

She had a little chick that she fell in love with who she named Pea. She reported the sad incident saying that she slept with the heater on in winters so that the chick could stay warm and not catch a cold. Being a typical concerned mother, Kinza’s mom was afraid that the heater would emit harmful gas which would spread in the room at night hence she switched off the heater.

According to Kinza Hashmi, her chick died as a result of the heater being switched off.

The actress mentioned that she cried a lot that day and ever since that day, she calls her mother a killer because her mother killed her beloved chick.

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