Actors give their two cents on the killing of dogs due to handler’s negligence

Shaikh Abdul Rafay

15th Jul, 2021. 04:09 pm


After a leaked CCTV footage of two German Shepherds attacking a lawyer, Mirza Akhtar, in an upmarket area of Karachi went viral on social media, people asked for justice and highly criticized the owners of the dogs. The German Shepherds left the lawyer bleeding and injured until the owner’s son intervened and controlled his pets.

According to a compromise treaty, signed between the dogs’ owner and the victim, the two German Shepherds were killed by poisoning. While human rights activists have criticized the deal between Humayun Khan, dogs owner, and Mirza Akhtar Ali Advocate as ridiculous, celebrities have also spoken out against it on social media in favour of the dogs calling them innocent. Actor Shahroz Sabzwari resorted to Instagram to demand justice for the dogs and wonder why rapists and murderers aren’t prosecuted this quickly.

Shahroz Subzwari was furious about this act of killing an animal. He further said that dogs also have their own rights. “Let’s be this quick in serving justice when it’s related to rapists and murderers and the ever-fleeing corrupt politicians. Or do the victims need to be big shot lawyers for the law to act this quickly?” Shehroze wrote on Instagram.

Yashma Gill then posted a short video clip on social media and requested everyone to be nice to the animals as they also have sentiments and families. However, she stated, “Now that the death sentence has been executed, it’s ironic to see how quick ‘justice’ was served. It was so easy to place a death sentence on animals who could’ve never been put to trial. We as humans are supposed to be their voice. They are helpless in this human world and the majority clearly does not side with them.” The star further added that “Rather than having temporary and non-efficient solutions like putting the dogs down or blaming pet owners for attacks, etc. there should be a proper system set by the law for purchasing and raising pets.

Actors expressed grief and despair on social media platforms, mostly on Instagram. Actress Mashal Khan also stepped forward and expressed similar feelings. She wrote, “In a country where rapists, murderers and paedophiles roam free, two dogs are given the death sentence for their owner’s negligence.” According to the CCTV footage that went viral on social media, The two dogs attacked Mirza Akhtar and pushed him to the ground as he hopelessly tried to protect himself. The dogs only spared the lawyer, who was brutally bitten and bleeding, until the owner’s son interfered.



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