debate over clothing at the Awards show has subsided, but not over yet

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

08th Jul, 2021. 03:19 pm
Awards show

While some of the actresses’ Awards Show attire is being criticized on social media by Pakistani internet users, some of the actresses are also being praised for clothing decently at such events, previously.

Recently, a style award show was held where Pakistan’s leading actresses showcased their beauty. Some showbiz industry actresses faced severe criticism for wearing western clothing which was even termed ‘indecent’. The debate over clothing at the Style Awards show has subsided, but it’s not over.

In this situation, internet users are comparing different actresses with the actresses who participated in the Style Awards in oriental attire.

Internet users have created a collage of photos of some of the well-known actresses in which senior film, TV actress and host Reema Khan, actress Iqra Aziz, Yumna Zaidi and Sarah Khan can be seen at a previous awards show.

All the actresses seen in the collage are dressed in beautiful modest clothes.

Internet users went on to say with their posts, “Dear actresses, what stops you from being like them and dress like them at Awards?”

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