‘I scolded Muskan because I got scared’, says Faysal Quraishi

Maheen AzizWeb Editor

17th Jul, 2021. 03:28 pm


Earlier, a clip of Faysal Quraishi went viral in which one can see him scolding one of his contestants, named Muskan, at the show “Khush Raho Pakistan”. While everyone on the set was wishing birthday to another contestant, Muskan started hitting the birthday boy in a friendly manner. Standing next to these two, Faysal immediately reacted to it and the pitch of his voice rose in anger.

The Fitoor actor left the show tossing the cards on the floor, while Muskan could be seen going back to her seat hiding from the embarrassment. Many recreated the video and hilarious memes came out on social media after the incident.

Many believed that this is a publicity stunt to get TRP whereas some said that Tik Tokers should be banned from every TV channel as they are frequently seen misbehaving and stepping over the line.

Actor-cum-host, Faysal Quraishi is usually calm but in order to learn what ignited his anger, BOL reached out to the actor to clear the air and ask what irked him that he left the show. “Yes, I am always calm. But there are certain things that are not tolerable. I have always treated the contestants as my children because they are all young and learning. But that day we were wishing Birthday to Osama and Mikki and Muskan started hitting Osama. She even did this before we started the show.” Faysal told BOL.

As it was a live show, Faysal said that since the action was going live, the reaction went on-air too which people instantly captured and then there was no stop to it. “It was a live show and we can’t afford to have such jokes on a live show. People were watching. These kids need to maintain the decorum and not give anyone a chance to blame the show which will eventually close down the show.” Fitoor actor said.

“These are not just contestants now, they have reached places; someone is modelling, someone is acting. Today one of the contestants completed his first-ever concert and he hugged me for that. People are cherishing this platform and making the most of it.” He further added.

“I remember I would stand outside production houses and wait for the producers and directors to look at me once and cast me in a drama. In my time, fame was not distributed, but earned. I understand this journey. These kids are blessed that they have social media and platforms to showcase their talent which we never had. They should respect this stage and platform.” Faysal Quraishi said.

The Bashar Momin actor later talked about this incident on his show as well to bring back the energy of his show. He also re-enacted this incident at Naveed Raza’s birthday where Aijaz Aslam could be seen hitting Naveed Raza when everyone wished him birthday. Faysal Quraishi stopped Aijaz Aslam by saying “Kia karahy hu Aijaz! Kia Karahy hu? Kahan se ajaty hain yeh…” and he couldn’t complete the sentence as everyone burst out laughing.

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