Let Women wear what they want: Sharmila Faruqi

Shaikh Abdul RafayWeb Editor

06th Jul, 2021. 04:26 pm
Sharmila Faruqi

The celebrities’ selection of dress at Hum Style Awards has been a widely discussed topic for the last two days. Both fans and critics have been harsh in their criticism. Some criticized the poorly executed ideas behind gaudy gowns and backless outfits, while others blamed women of “promoting vulgarity.”

Noor Bukhari, Bilal Qureshi, and Simi Rahael criticized the stars’ western-style dress sense. However, Sharmila Faruqi, a female politician, is the latest to speak out in favor of letting women to wear whatever they choose.

“Let them be!” exclaimed the PPP leader on Instagram. “Stop judging women based on their clothing choices; they are adults, free, and no one should be making bad comments about their clothing choices: it’s a free world, live and let live!”

Faruqi also commented over the recent issue regarding veteran actor Bushra Ansari and her viral dancing video. “Why shouldn’t Bushra Ansari dance to her heart’s content? She is completely within her rights to do so. My advice to all those who spread negativity is to go within and sort out your own problems!”

The Hum Award ceremony has lately become the buzz of the town, with numerous individuals, including celebrities, turning to social media to criticise the contestants’ bad design choices. While some celebrities have criticised the lack of style and creativity, others have questioned the ‘revealing’ clothes on social media. Urwa Hocane, Maya Ali, Aima Baig, and Alizeh Shah were among the guests.

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