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Meesha Shafi calls out Saba Qamar for her sanctimonious talk

Meesha Shafi Saba Qamar

Meesha Shafi Saba Qamar

Renowned singer Meesha Shafi called out Saba Qamar for validating predatory toxic men and advised people to understand the seriousness of the problem at hand in light of recent violent incidents.

Meesha Shafi penned in her Instagram story that it is important to understand the seriousness of the issue instead of supporting and endorsing the harassing men.

Expressing her views, the singer said that it is utter hypocrisy to party with people involved in harassment, to support them, to have a frivolous insta live with them and then to point out the brutal men in her circle.

Meesha Shafi also said in her story that you may forget what happened but the person with whom all this happened will suffer from this trauma for the rest of his life.

In the story, the singer said that before talking about sexual harassment, we need to reconsider our actions, and take accountability for them. We must not forget the struggle of the victims and support the survivor’s vulnerability.

It may be recalled that Saba Qamar had posted a story on Instagram in which she had asked the men to identify the people in their friend’s circle who have been involved in violence or sexual harassment against women or have the same mentality.

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