Nida Yasir speaks up in support of Bushra Ansari

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

06th Jul, 2021. 01:33 pm
Bushra Ansari Nida Yasir

Leading morning show host and actress Nida Yasir also spoke up in support of senior actress Bushra Ansari regarding her viral dance video.

Sharing the photo with Yasir Nawaz and Bushra Ansari, Nida Yasir said, “We love you, enjoy your life, you deserve it.”

It should be noted that Bushra Ansari was largely criticized for dancing at the wedding ceremony at Sultana Siddiqui’s son, at her house.

Bushra Ansari was being criticized for dancing shortly after the death of her sister Sumbul Shahid. Soon after the actress responded to critics with a detailed reply.


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A post shared by Bushra Bashir (@ansari.bushra)

The actress explained that she has been suffering from severe grief since the last 3 months, and this grief will probably last till her last breath.

She said, “2 days ago it was a family dholki and all my friends were there insisting me to get out of the stress and my sad Ness .hum tv s family s first grandsons wedding is some thing special for sultana siddiqui.and she s like a mother elder sister n mentor..just tried to be part of her “khushi” and got up for 2 mins with my son azan to show my participation in their happiness..”

“But sad see people s reaction.they just want to see us unhappy cas we are famous and specially when somebody is over a certain pathetic..I am telling you this is the best age to enjoy life when u are done with all your duties,” she added.

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