Watch Faysal Quraishi lose his temper live on-air

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

03rd Jul, 2021. 03:11 pm
Faysal Qureshi

In a recent segment of the game show, ‘Khush Raho Pakistan’, host Faysal Quraishi got instigated by a participant’s uncultured behavior which made him lose his cool and walked off the stage while the show was being recorded and aired live.

Faysal Quraishi hosts one of the biggest, primetime Pakistani Game Show of BOL Entertainment “Khush Raho Pakistan”. He has been hosting this game show for almost two years.

The birthdays of two of the participants were being celebrated as the crowd cheered and sang the birthday song. During the celebration, two female participants started hitting the birthday boy, in a friendly manner.

The non-serious attitude of the participant triggered the renowned actor and he walked off the set throwing the placard on the floor. He could be heard asking “Where have these ill-mannered and uncouth people come from?” as he walked off stage.

Faysal Quraishi is known as an experienced actor in the Pakistani entertainment industry which is why he has no tolerance for frivolous behavior at work. He has appeared in many Pakistani blockbuster dramas and films such as Fitoor and Manto. Faysal Quraishi has brilliant acting skills due to which he has won many awards.

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