What to expect from Stranger Things next season?

Syed AfrazWeb Editor

27th Jul, 2021. 05:20 pm
Stranger Things

Netflix’s Sci-Fi series Stranger Things is not just one of the most-watched TV shows, but its next season (the fourth one) is one of the most anticipated ones. The show revolves around a group of children who are friends with a mysterious girl Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and go out of their way to help her.

Set in a far flinged town of Hawkins in the 1980s, the series follows the adventures of the teenagers as well as their parents, guardians and well-wishers. The first season revolves around Will Buyer’s disappearance, the second season focuses on his homecoming and the ramifications of his time in the Upside Down. Also, Eleven makes a comeback and helps Will, and his family who leave Hawkins by the end of the third season.

We can expect a lot of new things from the fourth season, which will air sometime next year. Will Eleven return with all her powers intact? Is Hopper really dead? And what new evil lurks in the background for the main characters.


1) Will Eleven Become Evil and Turn against Hawkins

It’s not an unreasonable idea to believe Eleven is regaining her abilities, but what if she is filled with sorrow and loss this time? In Season 4, Eleven might take on a darker tone, and may even turn against those whom she considered a friend. The “Cosmic Love” track can be a hint towards this angle.

2) Hopper to be rescued from Russian base camp, Murray’s plan

The former Chicago Sun-Times journalist and private investigator is the only person who might be able to solve the case. It seems unlikely that Hawkins’ children will travel to Russia to save him. Murray, on the other hand, might be able to arrange his own journey there.

3) Time travel story – reliving the past connections

The fourth season of Stranger Things could include time travel, which isn’t a novel concept. Ever since the end of the last season, many have speculated that this could be the scenario. During an interview, series producers, The Duffer Brothers, hinted at time travel, saying that next season’s plot would “expand out in terms of allowing gateways into regions outside of Hawkins.”

The fourth season of Stranger Things was scheduled to premiere on Netflix in 2021, but due to COVID-19, the filming has been delayed. It might make it to the screens at the start of next year, and one hopes its sooner than later.

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