Actress Saheefa Jabbar talks about the type of scripts being offered to her

Sana FatimaWeb Editor

24th Aug, 2021. 09:16 pm
Saheefa Jabbar

Saheefa Jabbar is a model and actress who has never been afraid to speak up about issues she strongly believes in.

This time, the Teri Meri Kahaani actress took to Instagram to express her dissatisfaction with the type of scripts being offered to her, which can in no way be described as “good.”

She shared her thoughts on the Instagram story regarding the scripts and asked people with good scripts to contact her.

“There are no good scripts out there. The scripts which are being offered to me at the moment are not up to the standards of storytelling I feel comfortable endorsing,” she said.

“I am writing this today because a few rumors have made their way back to me and it does not feel nice to hear untrue things about yourself.” She added

She further said “Clarifying that she did not quite acting and is still being offered leading roles, “No, I do not perceive acting as a bad profession. I consider it to be art, and it is an important part of my life. I only hold a positive opinion on the field of drama and it remains to be my core profession,”

“As I am writing this, I am trying to be excessively sensitive to my fellow professionals in the industry. Artists, producers, writers, technicians, and their collective labor are admirable,” Sheefa wrote.

While delving into the details about monotonous scripts, Saheefa emphasized that there is always a house with a girl locked within, and marriage is her only way out.

“I am not comfortable endorsing escapism. I am not comfortable endorsing masculinized ideas of female empowerment. I am not comfortable with the lives of the characters I play, with the choices they are offered, and the root causes of conflict in their lives. I do not like the homes, the worlds, and the inherently associated oppression of such places in the one-liners I read daily. DAILY!” Jabbar wrote.

“Nah, man! It’s just nonsense. It’s irrational and without reason. I am not saying that women don’t struggle with such problems. I know them to be true. All I am saying is that there are better ways out of difficult instants for women. I know them to be true too.”

She requested people to send her scripts with “well-thought-out characters, a coherent plot and intelligent dialogue”.

The regressive stories offered in several Pakistani drama serials have put the audience’s sensibility to the test. The dramas are mostly about impractical romances or over-dramatized scenarios which netizens find ridiculous.

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