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Hania Aamir’s latest Instagram post won her fans’ hearts.

Tahir Yameen

06th Aug, 2021. 07:28 pm
Hania Amir's girl next door aesthetic looks stole hearts every time

Hania Aamir

Hania Amir is indeed a beauty with a brain who knows how to fit herself in the Entertainment industry at the top. She was born in Rawalpindi on February 12, 1997. Currently, she still lives there with her family yet often visits Karachi for her shoots.

In her most recent Instagram post, the 24-year-old writes a heartfelt message in which she reflects on self-growth and embraces her flaws while focusing on improvement.

“I’m young I’m genuine I’m flamboyant I’m loud and I’m kind. Just because I’m growing up in front of so many people does not mean I can’t live my life. I will make mistakes. I will change. I will make bad choices and I will make better ones. My views will change and some won’t. I will grow and I will learn. But I will not apologize for being human. I will not apologize for growing for evolving. “she said

While pondering and reflecting on her thoughts, the DilRuba star adds, “Honest hour because I’ve been struggling with these thoughts for the past few weeks trying to figure out what could possibly please the negative ones on the internet. I’ve come to a conclusion that I absolutely do not know how to be anyone else but me.”

“I have unapologetically been myself loud and clear and that should not change because people fail to understand me. I am not just pretty pictures I am much more.”

“Here’s to truly living and being your unapologetic beautiful self.”



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