Honey singh’s wife confirms the rumor of Shahrukh Khan slapped the singer

Hina MasoodWeb Editor

04th Aug, 2021. 03:05 pm
Shahrukh Khan

There were rumors a few years back that he had a falling out with Shah Rukh Khan. Honey Singh was allegedly hit by SRK for becoming drunk and misbehaving on one of their tours, according to sources.

Shalini apparently responded to the reports by telling a news outlet that the stories were all made up. Honey has a lot of regard for Shah Rukh Khan, and the superstar treats him like a younger brother, according to her.

Shalini Talwar, Yo Yo Honey Singh’s wife, has filed a complaint against her rapper husband, alleging domestic and emotional abuse.

She went on to say that SRK has been a huge supporter of theirs. Despite being warned not to travel outside of the nation for medical concerns, Yo Yo did so because he had promised SRK.

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