‘I was ‘nervous’ about ‘proximity’ with Taapsee Pannu in Haseen Dillruba’, says Harshvardhan

Raba NoorWeb Editor

01st Aug, 2021. 11:42 pm
Taapsee Haseen Dillruba

Indian actor Harshvardhan Rane has said that the ‘sexual tension’ between his and Taapsee Pannu‘s characters in Haseen Dillruba was ‘written and designed in a certain way’. He also admitted that he was ‘nervous’ about the ‘proximity’ between himself and Taapsee, but she made it comfortable for them to shoot.

In an interview, Taapsee said that she was worried about coming across as ‘creepy’ because her male co-actors in Haseen Dillruba are such ‘goody two shoes’.

Asked about his ‘explosive chemistry’ with Taapsee in the film, Harshvardhan Rane said in an interview, “Taapsee is a good actress. It was written in a certain way. There was a lot of sexual tension written. It was written and designed in a certain way. I don’t think I’ve added anything to that. I was nervous about the proximity initially, but she being a professional made it very comfortable.”

Taapsee added, “I was very worried, it would look like this girl is extremely desperate. I knew that both the guys in the film are like this ‘mr goody two shoes’, very docile, very sweet. But with the kind of chemistry I’m required to have with the both of them, I think I’ll have to take the initiative. So I was the one going out there and making sure that they don’t feel that something is going awkward with me…”

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