Shagufta Ejaz shares Casual photos with her Family

Tahir Yameen

02nd Aug, 2021. 11:58 pm
Shagufta Ejaz

Shagufta Ejaz is a Pakistani actress, working in the Urdu television and film industry. She was born on 5th May 1971 in Gujrat. Currently, she is living in Karachi.

She is considered among the finest actors in Pakistan. She has made her acting debut with a leading role and gained success with the drama Jangloss, Haqeeqat, Jeena To Yahi Hai, Main Mummy Aur Who, Khala Kulsoom Ka Kumba, Parchayan, Hum Se Juda Na Hona, Zindagi Dhoop Tum Ghana Saya, Sartaj Mera To Raaj Mera and many more.

Shagufta is also fond of makeup and runs her own salon in Karachi. She started the salon in 2008, which comprises the most trained workers with the best beauty products.

Shagufta Ejaz has a beautiful family with a caring husband and four loving daughters.  On several occasions, she poses with her daughters. This time, she’s shared some lovely photos of herself and her daughters from various events. The majority of the photos are from her regular life with her lovely daughters.


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