“Stop judging actors based on their backgrounds or mediums”: says Vivek Dahiya

Tahir Yameen

11th Aug, 2021. 11:24 pm
Vivek Dahiya

Vivek Dahiya is an Indian television actor and model. He was born on 8 November 1984. On July 8, 2016, Vivek tied the knot with Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fame actress Divyanka Tripathi in an intimate ceremony.

He is very good at studies besides acting. He did M.Sc in International business management from De Montfort University England. He has 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Vivek Dahiya admits that he is drawn to films, but there is some resistance that he hopes will fade with time. “In the past 15 months, there hasn’t been much activity with respect to work, but now things are moving. Hopefully, with my last film release, I will be able to line up something better,”

He says, “Covid-19’s affected everyone’s lives and actors are no different. There is a gloom in the industry as it is across all industries too. I believe we will come out of it. Maybe, in the long term, the entertainment industry might not bear the brunt. But in the short term, people have lost jobs including technicians, crew, spot boys, etc., and we are all doing our best to help them in our capacity. We are all in this together,”

“I think, the average viewership has increased in every household as compared to pre-pandemic time. Writers and creators are thinking out of the box. Personal experiences are guiding many of us who have learned what matters to us. People have realized that money is secondary while passion and core value rule. We have realized that life is short as all of us lost friends and relatives in the last year. It’s just our work that will be remembered. With these developments, we will come out a more evolved and organized industry and proud of our content.” He said.

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