This Riddle Stumped So Many On Social Media Gone Viral

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

04th Aug, 2021. 02:32 pm
this riddle stumped so many on social media gone viral

This riddle is tougher than it looks:

People on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are often amazed at just how wrong their initial guesses are about this riddle.


How many ducks do you see?

Only the most eagle-eyed of puzzlers will spot how many ducks are there!

The riddle relies on this picture:

How many ducks do you see? answer explained

There are nearly twice as many ducks as those that first meet the eye. Let’s examine each of the seeming nine, moving across left to right and top to bottom to find just how many ducks are there.

The first duck is just that: one duck. But look at the next one, especially around its head and beak. How many ducks do you see now? There’s a second one, staggered just behind the first. So, in the first two icons, we’re up to three ducks

The third duck is similarly tricky. There’s a smaller duck hidden near its wing and feet. In the next row, the fourth duck contains a second, staggered duck. And the fifth has another small duck hidden near its feet. Now we’re up to nine ducks—and we’re barely halfway through!

The sixth duck icon is up for debate. Some see only one duck. Others notice a marking on its wing that doesn’t appear on any of the other icons and interpret this as an additional duck. We’ll call it two since this leads to the most accepted answer.

In the final row, we have three ducks in the seventh icon. The extra two are pretty easy to spot. And each of the last two icons contains just one duck. So, we’re now up to 16 or 15, if you don’t count the supposed second one in the sixth icon.

And there you have it: 16 ducks.

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