“TikTok tou band karwao,” Shahid Afridi says to Shehzad Roy

Hina MasoodWeb Editor

18th Aug, 2021. 02:58 pm
Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi, a Pakistani cricketer, and Shehzad Roy, a singer-songwriter, spoke on ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan,’ where the famed cricketer pushed Mr. Roy to work to have TikTok banned.

Shahid Afridi to Shehzad Roy: “TikTok tou band karwao”

Afridi believes that because the famous singer (Shehzad Roy) regularly speaks about important subjects, he should also speak about TikTok.

The cricketer stated that while education has yet to reach distant areas, Wi-Fi has and that in order to access the internet, one must be educated.

Afridi revealed: “I get shocked seeing 12-13 year olds using mobile phones in front of me.”

He further mentioned: “My daughter has turned 19 and now I have given her a mobile.”

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