A London judge has ordered that Prince Philip’s will be kept secret for 90 years

Sarfaraz RizviWeb Editor

17th Sep, 2021. 04:27 pm
Prince Philips

On Thursday, London judge Sir Andrew McFarlane ordered that Prince Philip’s would be kept secret, with all of its contents hidden from the public eye.

The order was issued by the head of the High Court’s Family Division, who stated that the Duke of Edinburgh’s will must be kept secret for at least 90 years in order to protect Queen Elizabeth’s dignity and that of other members of the royal family.

According to the BBC, McFarlane, who has no knowledge of the contents of the will other than the date it was written and the name of the executor named in it, ordered that a private process might be convened after the 90-year limit to assess if the documents should be released.

According to the journal, McFarlane remarked in a written ruling, “I have held that, because of the constitutional position of the Sovereign, it is appropriate to have a special practice in relation to royal wills.”

“There is a need to enhance the protection afforded to truly private aspects of the lives of this limited group of individuals in order to maintain the dignity of the Sovereign and close members of her family,” the judgement continued.

McFarlane said he held a secret hearing in July with attorneys representing the late Duke of Edinburgh’s estate and the attorney general to avoid “quite large publicity and supposition” that would “undermine the objective of the application.”

According to the BBC, “Although there may be public curiosity as to the private arrangements that a member of the royal family may choose to make in their will,” he said, “there is no legitimate public interest in the public knowing this entirely private information.”

The Associated Press said that it is customary for senior royals’ wills to be kept secret.

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