Anoushey Ashraf raises her voice against violation of women’s rights

Hina MasoodWeb Editor

14th Sep, 2021. 02:23 pm
Anoushey Ashraf

Anoushey Ashraf, a Pakistani actress, spoke out against workplace violations of women’s rights.

Anoushey has become a strong supporter of women’s rights. Anoushey understands how to stay politically correct thanks to her famous status and the authority she has.

In an interview, Anoushey said, “We were also less vulnerable. However, women around us, who came from relatively less privileged households, were regularly molested, propositioned, given lesser money and odd jobs.”

She also spoke out against the widespread rape crimes in Pakistan, citing previous cases and expressing her displeasure with them.

As a proponent of women’s rights, Anoushey is frequently called by women who tell her about their experiences with oppression, and she advises them.

“I tell them, just because our parents, mothers, grandmothers stayed in abusive marriages, doesn’t mean we should too. Not to mention, women are just more aware of their rights now, and men don’t know how to handle that. So they’re shouting. But we won’t let them overpower our voices anymore.”

Anoushey Ashraf is a Pakistani VJ and actress. As a VJ, she appeared on the music channel MTV Pakistan. She has also acted in a play for PTV directed by Saira Kazmi in a 13-episode serial – in which her role was that of a best friend of the lead, played by Marina Khan.

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