Billie Eilish criticises men for saying “nothing” about abortion access in the US

Sarfaraz RizviWeb Editor

06th Sep, 2021. 02:40 pm

In light of the new Texas abortion law, pop icon Billie Eilish is being chastised for remaining silent on issues concerning women’s rights.

Except for women who are less than six weeks pregnant, Texas abortion law prohibits all women from having abortions.

“I really wish men cared more,” the 19-year-old singer wrote in an Instagram Story. It sickens me how many men say nothing about women’s rights.”

“If you and your ‘homies’ or bros’ aren’t talking about Texas’ abortion laws, chances are you’re a part of the problem,” she said.

The singer isn’t the only celebrity who has spoken out against the bill. Previously, Reese Witherspoon spoke out against it, writing on Twitter, “I stand with the women of Texas who have the Constitutional right to make decisions about their health and their own bodies.”


Aside from that, Pink also criticised the bill on Twitter, writing: “I stand in solidarity with people in TX who, as of today, face an extreme 6-week abortion ban. This ban, #SB8, will be the blueprint for bans across the US. Unless we do something about it. #BansOffOurBodies.”

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