Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa get drunk at ‘Game of Thrones’ reunion

Sana FatimaWeb Editor

04th Sep, 2021. 10:06 pm
Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa

Emilia Clarke recently spoke about reuniting with Momoa at the birthday celebration of co-creator David Benioff, she said “Oh God, it was beautiful,”

During the 51st birthday of David Benioff, Clarke confessed that her recent run-in with Jason Momoa at a brief Game of Thrones reunion ended in drunken bliss. . The 34-year-old actress said Momoa, 42, got attendees “as drunk as humanly possible” and she savored every drop.

In a recent interview, the actress shared the party moments with people, she said. “I mean, I’ve never tried so many different whiskeys in my entire life,” said Clarke

She also said “There was a couple that was really nice, and there were a couple that was paint stripper, and I literally was like, ‘Yeah I’m gonna down you, get hair on your chest.’ It was funny.”

When Momoa entered the party for a “wonderful” reunion of their magnetic connection, she said she knew the group was in for a crazy trip.

She also shared an Instagram photo from the event, showing Momoa holding her in his arms as both smiled.

She captioned the post “When your sun and stars roll into town you check that he can still bench press a Khaleesi,”

Momoa also uploaded stories from the event with the caption: “MOON OF MY LIFE. You are wonderful love u forever.”

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