Hamza Ali Abbasi shares his opinion on women who wear short clothes

Hina MasoodWeb Editor

07th Sep, 2021. 04:04 pm
Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi, who is both handsome and talented, was recently seen in an interview with “In-Person On 23.”

In response to Imran Khan’s statement that a woman wearing less clothing had an impact on men, Hamza Ali Abbasi stated “According to Quran and sunnah there are separate orders for woman and men. A man is ordered to mind his own business regardless of what is goin on around. He has to give an account of his doings.”

“As far as my own self is concerned, whatever a woman is wearing or whatever she’s doing is not a variable in my judgement. Same goes for a woman, she has to give an account of her doings regardless of the fact what men are doing in the surroundings. Everyone has to give an account of their own actions and intentions”, added Hamza Ali Abbasi.

He further said that “What Imran Khan said was not wrong, if you understand what he was trying to say wasn’t wrong in my opinion.”

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