Iffat Omar knows how to handle trolls savagely; take a look!

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

07th Sep, 2021. 01:43 pm
Iffat Omar

Actress and model Iffat Omar is commonly known for her outrageous personality and she knows how to deal with evil trolls and backlash very well.

Iffat Omar has proven that age is just a number and always appeared flaunting her mature features. She is much adored among her fanbase for her iconic fashion sense and wardrobe choice.

The Mohabbat Aag Si starlet, however, once again appeared with a befitting reply over evil trolls by social media users.

The actress, in a recent post on her Instagram, responds to a mean remark commenting on being dark-skinned.

A naysayer tried to mock her by saying: “Take your hands to Nadia Hussain [the beauty aritist]”.

To which the model savagely responded to give the naysayer a clear shut up call. “At the age of 50, my hands will obviously look this way,” she said.

“Don’t look at them [hands] if it bothers you,” added Omar.


Earlier, Iffat Omar unleashed her anger on the trolls talking about getting cosmetic surgery. She had addressed the rumoured surgeries and lip fillers matter.

One particular troll commented on “how Iffat has left a renowned political personality behind when it comes to surgeries”. This comment annoyed the model and she answered the troll with equal bitterness stating that “she was wondering how anyone hasn’t yet posted a nonsense comment and that the troll community never disappoints”.

Another social media user asked Iffat Omar why she becomes so angered when it comes to the topic of surgeries.

She stated: “I have never hidden my age and I am not ashamed of ageing but I have aged not died. I look after myself, the day it will be surgery I will openly admit it.”

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