Jennifer Aniston highlights traits she is looking for in a partner once again

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

29th Sep, 2021. 10:01 am
Jennifer Aniston

Acclaimed American actress Jennifer Aniston has confessed that she is now ready to date a person with a good sense of humour and confidence.

After splitting with ex-husband Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston got divorced in 2018, just three years after tying the knot. Since then the actress was single and she’s finally ready to mingle again.

Jennifer, who was also previously married to Brad Pitt for five years before their split in 2005, told that she needed some time to be by herself after her second divorce.

“I think I’m ready to share myself with another person. I didn’t want to for a long time, and I loved really, being my own woman without being a part of a couple.

“I’ve been a part of a couple since I was 20. So, there was something really nice about taking the time.”

After two failed marriages, the Friends star is now set about the traits her next partner must own.

She is in search of a man with an amazing sense of humour, and someone with who the conversation just ‘flows’.

“The ease at which the conversation flows the first time, that’s kind of a good indicator,” Aniston explained.

“Confidence, but not cockiness. Humour. Please I beg of you, beg of you. Generous, kind to people. You know, it’s just very few necessities.”

Aniston was previously married to actor Brad Pitt from 2000 to 2005 and then actor Justin Theroux from 2011 to 2017. She’s also been in relationships with musician John Mayer and actor Vince Vaughn.

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