Neha Kakkar fans are subscribing to BOL Beats channel to listen to her favourite song BOL Kaffara

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26th Sep, 2021. 03:01 am
BOL Beats

Neha Kakkar is a well known female vocalist, who gained fame with numerous upbeat songs. Her songs have been lighting up the mood of all the listeners due to her melodious voice.

The famous playback singer is one of the best-sellers in the industry which has garnered a lot of fans who eagerly wait for her next song.

The song BOL Kaffara released by BOL Beats has been stealing hearts ever since it was released on Social Media platforms last year and needless to say, Neha Kakkar too can’t help but swoon over Sehr Khan’s beautiful voice.

At the moment, Neha Kakkar is the biggest singer in South Asia. In 2019, Kakkar was listed among the most viewed female artists on YouTube with 4.2 billion views. Recently, she became the first Indian singer to win a YouTube Diamond Award. Her talent can be seen in the latest version of BOL Beats song, BOL Kaffara Kya Hoga.

Neha Kakkar, was swooned by the composition of the song and commented in a private interview, “I absolutely love BOL Kaffara!! It is one of my favourite songs from across the border.”

The most viewed female artist on YouTube was all praises for the song.

Fans of Neha Kakkar have been wondering about the favourite song of their favourite singer and have landed on the Social Media channels of BOL Beats. The fans have been subscribing to BOL Beats so that they can get their listens from the platform which has produced the “favourite song of Neha Kakkar”.

Neha Kakkar has also covered this song in her own style which has received numerous applause from the audience.

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