Nida Yasir apologizes fans for asking slow-witted questions after Formula 1 car fiasco

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

07th Sep, 2021. 01:07 pm
Nida Yasir Formula 1 trolling

Pakistan’s versatile TV host Nida Yasir, who has been subjected to intense trolling after her viral Formula 1 car query, has finally addressed the ongoing fiasco.

Nida Yasir, while responding to the online backlash, apologized to her fans for the lack of knowledge before calling her guests on the show.

“I am not on Twitter so I wasn’t aware of what had happened,” she said adding: “I would like to apologize for it and assure my fans that I will research about all the topics discussed on my show.”

The viral video of the host from 2016 has left Twitterati rolling on the floor laughing.

In the said video, the Naadaaniyan star can be seen asking the guests about how racecars really work. The host goes on to question whether the Formula cars can seat more than a single person. To which, one student responded, “Actually, it is a formula car. So only one person can sit.” Nida then quipped, “Oh, so it’s just a formula for now? Have you done an experiment on any car?”

The engineers were left bewildered, however, responded, “No, it’s a formula car. We’ve made one. It’s a racecar.” Nida then questioned, “So, does it drive as fast as a petrol car?”

The netizens have reshared the old clip for the sheer entertainment value and commented as if the host had done zero research before calling her guests on the show and asked them silly questions. She also didn’t seem to learn what Formula 1 was.

However, comedian Ali Gul Pir took a hilarious dig at Yasir by making a parody video as she dumbfounded two NUST students who had invented their own Formula 1 racing car. “Morning shows host VS Engineers,” he titled the video posted on his Instagram.


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