Sadaf Kanwal, husband Shahroz reveal each other’s secrets for the first time

Hina MasoodWeb Editor

07th Sep, 2021. 02:38 pm
Sadaf Kanwal

Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari, two outstanding performers and models in Pakistani media, married in May 2020. They are deeply in love and care for one another. They have wonderful chemistry and a wonderful relationship.

Sadaf and Shahroz recently went on the popular show Time Out with Ahsan Khan, where they divulged each other’s secrets for the first time as part of the segment’s requirements. When they genuinely revealed each other weird secrets, the program became funny.

Sadaf disclosed his three secrets when it came to Shahroz. Shahroz gets enraged while driving, according to her, especially if the other driver is on the wrong side of the road.

Speaking of another secret, she revealed that Shahroz has only made one friend in his entire life; he is friendly, but he lacks the buddies that we used to have, which surprised her.

Then she revealed Shahroz’s third secret, which is that he is extremely lethargic and afraid of dental treatments; he could spend his entire life without teeth but refuses to go to the dentist for treatment.

When Shahroz was asked about Sadaf’s secrets, she said that she always wants to be the show stopper for the ramp, whether she is supposed to or not.

He also revealed that she only speaks in her own language when she is in a heated argument with someone. Speaking of the last but amusing secret, he revealed that she was practicing questions and answers with him the night before, and she urged Shahroz to dress up as Ahsan Khan and ask questions like him.

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