Shakila Saleem: After Mai Bhagi, another soulful voice hails from Tharparkar

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

05th Sep, 2021. 04:30 pm
Shakila Saleem: After Mai Bhagi another soulful voice hailing from Tharparkar

Those who are fond of music have not forgotten the magic of the voice of Mai Bhagi, a folk singer of Thar Desert of Sindh.

Now, decades later, another enchanted voice has emerged from the same desert and thanks to social media, the echo of this melodious voice is being heard far and wide.

Shakila Saleem, an 18-year-old resident of Tharparkar’s Islamkot Tehsil, has a voice with a folk touch that synchronizes with the hearts of listeners.

Shakila keeps singing while she does house chores which shows her passion about how much she loves music and wants to make her name in the world of music.

Whether it is folk, Sufi kalam or ghazal, Shakila enchants every genre of music with her beautiful voice.

Sufi singer Abida Parveen, is her inspiration. Shakila’s voice echoes in the Thar Desert but she wants to perform on a big platform.

Tharparker’s nightingale Shakila Noon can achieve a big name in the art of music once she gets a chance to learn instrumental music in an academy.

Her biggest support is her Father who is a school teacher, he records Shakila’s voice and posts it on social media.

Defying all odds Shakila’s father doesn’t care about what society thinks and says about him, he gives Shakila full support and wants her daughter to become a famous singer.

While giving an interview to Voice of America Urdu Shakila’s father said that he will be felicitous if her daughter will get a chance to learn proper music.

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