Travis Scott weighs on how Stormi’s birth change his life, ‘I love her so much’

Raba NoorWeb Editor

15th Sep, 2021. 10:31 pm
Kylie Jenner

American rapper and producer Travis Scott recently weighed on how his life has changed after Stormi’s birth and Kylie Jenner is parenting their daughter Stormi successfully.

While having a chit-chat with artist Tom Sachs the rapper revealed his lifestyle took a complete turn after Stormi’s arrival.

“Now I became a pops, you want to be there to eat food together and turn up for little Stormi,” he said.

Sachs inquired, “And she has to have the perfect schedule. The more precise to the five minutes, the happier she is.”

To this, Scott responded, “But she’s so cool,” he said. “That’s why I love her so much. She’s so fire because she goes to sleep now. We try to do a more natural vibe [with parenting], like more self-discipline.

“Like, OK, you know you got to go to bed at nine, are you going to stay up till eleven or are you going to go to sleep now? And it’s so cool [to hear her say], ‘I’m going to sleep ya’ll [sic]!'” he added.

Kylie and Travis are currently expecting their second child.

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