What Nazish Jahangir thinks about Pakistani drama scripts?

Raba NoorWeb Editor

15th Sep, 2021. 11:57 pm

What is the significance of a script for a play or a film for an artist? Listen to the answer of Pakistan’s famous actress Nazish Jahangir.

According to the details, actress Nazish Jahangir participated in a morning show where she was asked what is the significance of the script of a drama or film for an artist?

Nazish Jahangir said “In many places our scripts are not good and now I say this in public, it is a fixed thing because if the audience talks like this then I will talk about them too.”

The actress said that before signing any play, she reads its script carefully.

Actress Hiba Bukhari, who was present in the program, said that the character is very important to her, at the same time, she supported Nazish Jahangir’s position on the script.

Hiba Bukhari said that after looking at the script, she makes a plan on how to make her character more attractive.

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