Why did Nida Yasir unfollow husband Yasir Nawaz on social media?

Raba NoorWeb Editor

20th Sep, 2021. 08:08 pm
Nida Yasir

Morning show host Nida Yasir recently came to the light due to her controversy over ‘Formula 1’ car parody video which is made by her husband Yasir Nawaz.

Recently actor Junaid Khan and Hiba Bukhari appeared on her show to promote their upcoming drama Berukhi.

Meanwhile, Junaid suddenly asked Nida’s response over the parody video made by Yasir, “Yasir ko apne kuch kaha to nahi?” he asked, to which the Nadaniyaan actress revealed that other family members, including her own children, were involved in the process and they helped him record the parody video which she wasn’t very happy about.

After that, the claim has been made by Nida Yasir fans that she unfollowed her husband on Instagram.

But Yasir Nawaz is still following his wife on Instagram.

Earlier, Nida confessed about the trust issues over Yasir, she said, “Yes, I do doubt Yasir a lot. I don’t know but this a manufacturing fault in me, I can’t stop doubting him.”

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