Jerry Seinfeld apologised for depicting an inappropriate relationship in “Bee Movie”

Sarfaraz RizviWeb Editor

04th Oct, 2021. 04:20 pm

Jerry Seinfeld, an American comedian, and actor, has apologized for the sexual undertones in his comedy Bee Movie.

The actor apologized to presenter Jimmy Fallon for the “uncomfortable” interaction between a bee and a human during his appearance on The Tonight Show.

In a lighthearted tone, he stated, “I apologize for what appears to be a certain uncomfortable subtle sexual part of the Bee Movie.”

“It wasn’t deliberate,” he explained, “but when it came out, I realized this isn’t really acceptable for youngsters.”

We don’t really want to push that as an idea in children’s entertainment because the bee seemed to have a thing for the girl,” he added.

Fans have already criticized the film for depicting a romantic relationship between a bee and a lady.

Click here to watch what he said:


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