Rosie Gabrielle shares a video of her trip to Hunza as she tells to keep the environment ‘clean’

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13th Oct, 2021. 03:22 pm
Rosie Gabrielle

Rosie Gabrielle

After the New Zealand cricket team postponed their vacation due to a “security concern,” Canadian vlogger Rosie Gabrielle posted a video of her 11,000 km solo tour across Pakistan to show the world that Pakistan is perfectly safe.

Rosie Gabrielle, who just converted to Islam and married Pakistani travel blogger Adeel Amer, also expressed her confidence in the country.

Taking to Instagram, Rosie shared a video montage based on her solo 11,000 km trip to Pakistan, saying, “SECOND HAND SHOPPING”

The vlogger wrote, “I often get asked what the weather is like in Hunza, how can people prepare for their trip and what do they need to bring. Well, fear not, because you will find an abundance of second hand clothing/ gear shops all over the north!”

She further said, “From camping gear, climbing, hiking to any season or expedition gear, they’ve got you covered! All of these items come from abroad (I think donated) and are all original brands and good quality. (I don’t care about brands, but when it comes to outdoor gear, quality matters!)”


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The vlogger continued, “I’m a HUGE fan of second hand shopping and in fact, most things I own are second hand!. Im not cheap, just resourceful
there’s no need to buy brand new things when there’s perfectly good items for a fraction of the cost!”

That means more money for adventures and FUN!. We were surprised to see all of the amazing quality brands in super good condition here in Aliabad. With winter soon approaching, we stocked up on some good gear to keep us warm and able to get outside for some adventures!”

So whether you are visiting from the south of Pk or a traveler coming from Abroad, you don’t HAVE to be completely prepared. There are dozens of these shops ranging in quality and options, and you can find pretty much EVERYTHNG here. Happy adventuring folks, and don’t forget to always pack your REUSABLE BAGS ♻️ , keep Hunza plastic free, CLEAN AND GREEN and always leave the place you’re visiting cleaner than when you came.”

She went on saying, “*this was mean to be a REEL 🙈 but I have no idea how to do that so it turned out a post, what’d ya think about the new video format ?? Yay or nay ?”

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