Actress & voice behind the Squid Game doll not allowed to watch the series

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24th Nov, 2021. 05:36 pm

Actress & voice for the Squid Game doll still hasn’t seen the series. PHOTOS: IMDB

South Korean survival drama series Squid Game took the world by storm as it earned Netflix £650M. The survival drama became an instant hit with millions watching it. The series was also deemed unsuitable and too violent for people under 17.

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PHOTO: Collider

One of the most iconic games on the series was the first game, Red Light Green Light, and the voice behind the terrifying doll was that of 10-year-old Reagen To’s. Reagan’s role has become a viral phenomenon, but she still hasn’t seen the series owing to its violent nature.

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Reagen To. PHOTO: Lucipost

She is also featured in the cast as Seong Gi-Hun’s daughter which makes her the only cast member who hasn’t seen the series yet but we’re sure she’ll be proud to see it when she’s older.

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