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‘Wouldn’t have let zaid marry an older girl’ says Zaid’s mother

Zaid Ali

Zaid Ali’s mother says she would not have let her son marry an older girl

Zaid Ali T and Yumnah Zaid may have won the Internet as one of the most progressive couples we know, but they didn’t have much progressive support to back up their decisions.

Apart from all the trolls worrying about Yumnah’s attractiveness, the couple’s age difference has received a lot of attention. With the Canadian-Pakistani YouTuber claiming to be in his mid-20s, and his wife boasting about her 30-year-old status.

In a recent video, content creator Zaid Ali asked his mother and wife about some contentious issues. While this may have sparked a fruitful saas-bahu conversation, we ended up with, “If you had known that Yumnah was 4 years older than me, would you have allowed this marriage?”

Zaid’s mother responded by saying that there is nothing wrong with marrying someone older than you, that it is acceptable religiously, and that there is nothing wrong with it. Our societal standards, however, dictate that a girl be younger than a boy.

She even added how if it was up to her she would’ve never let Zaid marry a girl older than him.

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