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Mahira Khan’s grandmother dies; actor pens a heartfelt note in honour

Mahira Khan's grandmother dies; actor pens a heartfelt note in honour

Mahira Khan’s grandmother dies; actor pens a heartfelt note in honour

Pakistani film star Mahira Khan lost her grandmother, Razia Khanum on Thursday afternoon. The actress announced the death of her grandmother on her official Instagram handle.

The Raees actress took to Instagram and pens a heartfelt note in honour of her late grandmother. Sharing how her grandmother lost her own mother at the tender age of five, Mahira wrote, “She lived and breathed to have what she felt was the biggest possession one can have— family. And family she made. She was a great storyteller, graceful sari-wearer, fiercely independent, a woman with great pride, a health freak, a great listener, a doting mother, an expressive human being. Anybody who met her felt special around her.


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While sharing her grandmother’s love for her late grandfather Mahira added, “My nana passed away 32 years ago and her favourite story to tell was always related to him. There wasn’t a man who compared. She would tell me that God took away her boo-boo ( [she] called her mother that) and gave her my nana. Even though she suffered from dementia and would mix up names and stories there was one she recounted clearly how she got married to my nana. Their love is one for the books.

She continued, “I kept imagining her mother and the love of her life holding her hand and taking her with them. I used to pray that she goes the way she lived.Sharing how her grandmother passed only after the entire family had gathered together, Mahira added, “After taking care of everything. After making sure her entire kumba was in one home, together hugging each other, wiping each other’s tears, she took her last breath and went to her maker.

It is an honour to be her granddaughter and I hope to honour her life by living the way she livedwith dignity and courage. While you read this, please make a prayer for my nani,” concluded the actor.

On social media, celebrities also expressed their condolences to Mahira’s grandmother.

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