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Actor Zahid Ahmed urges Pakistani to be proud of Humayun Saeed playing Dr, Hasnat in Crown

The Crown’s casting of Humayun Saeed in the upcoming season has made the Pakistani entertainment industry proud. But it has ruffled some feathers at the same time. Not everyone is thrilled with Saeed’s casting as Dr. Hasnat Khan, a British-Pakistani doctor who had a romantic relationship with The late Lady Diana.

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Veteran performer Sakina Samo, for example, has expressed qualms about Saeed’s portrayal in the Netflix smash. She went on to claim that she will not be watching the royal drama and that Fawad Khan would have done a better job portraying Dr. Hasnat.

Many fellow musicians blasted Samo for her comments shortly after she said it. Anoushey Ashraf and Ahmed Ali Butt agreed with the Punjab Nahi Jaungi actress and chastised the Dobara actor.

Actor Zahid Ahmed has now made a well-considered point. “Historically, most Pakistani roles in Hollywood have been played by Indian actors because Pakistani agents have no agents or representation there,” the actor wrote on Instagram.

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“We should all be proud of Humayun Saeed if he plays Dr. Hasnat. Otherwise, It would have been quite disappointing if the part had been portrayed by a non-Pakistani actor.”Ahmed continued.

Although it is unjust and offensive for any artist to dismiss another as a “cheap substitute,” we can all agree that Pakistanis have long battled with representation in foreign media.


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