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Ben Affleck revealed that Justice Leaque was the worst experience for him

For DC fans, the coming together of some of the world’s greatest superheroes in the Justice League was an eagerly anticipated team-up picture. But no one knew what was going on with Batman, aka Ben Affleck, when he was offset. The actor has finally admitted that various factors turned his life upside down. Eventually led to the termination of his directorial and starring roles as Batman.

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When asked why his priorities shifted during that time, Affleck said that he’d ceased enjoying the experience. “You’re meant to want these things all the time, and I probably would have liked doing it at 32 or whatever,” he added. Adding that he’d realized there were more pressing matters that required his attention at the time.

“That was a difficult experience. Because of a convergence of things: my own life, my divorce, being away too much, the competing agendas. And then director Zack Snyder’s personal tragedy (Snyder’s daughter Autumn committed herself in 2017) and the reshooting” with new director Joss Whedon, he stated.

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“It was the worst experience I’ve ever had.” It was a disaster. It was everything that I didn’t like. That was the point at which I declared, “I’m not doing this anymore.” He went on to say that it wasn’t the Justice League that caused him to react this way; “it could have been anything.”

“It was a really wonderful way to explore it as the prior experience had been difficult,” Affleck said in an interview about his more recent return as Batman in the upcoming picture The Flash. This was just beautiful. It was a lot of fun.”

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