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Comedian Tabish Hashmi is all set tp leave comedy to host a new show

You can’t help but think about comedian Tabish Hashmi’s internet discussion show To Be Honest (TBH) when thinking of him. These days, they appear to go hand in hand, but that is going to change.

TBH, a “juicy, humorous, and candid gossip program with TV, film, and internet personalities,” is hosted by the comedian on a YouTube channel. Hashmi has talked to celebrities like Sanam Jung and Saboor Aly. As well as social media content makers like Irfan Junejo and Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo, on the show.

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Hashmi revealed lately that he will be leaving TBH to host a new show on a channel. That is unquestionably a significant step forward for the comic. While there was speculation that Hashmi might be joining Khabarnaak, he denied the rumours and stated that he will be hosting his own show.

He confirmed, “Yes, I’ll be joining the channel and leaving TBH.” “It will not be Khabarnaak; instead, it will be a whole new programme. I’m afraid I can’t give too many details about the show right now. I’ll be in Pakistan in February and will share additional information there.”

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Khabarnaak is a chat show that features satirical debates on politics, social concerns, and other topics.

Apart from TBH, we last saw the actor do a skit on stage at the Lux Style Awards in October. We’re looking forward to seeing what the comedian has planned for his upcoming new show.


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