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Fans are still reeling at Sajal Aly’s death in ‘Ishq-e-Laa.’

Sajal Aly

Fans are still reeling at Sajal Aly’s death in ‘Ishq-e-Laa.’

Ishq-e-Laa, starring Sajal Aly and Azaan Sami Khan including strong themes of love, religion, and mysticism, rapidly captured the audience’s attention and became a favourite. With the death of Shanaya (Sajal Aly’s character) in the most recent episode, the storey took a devastating turn. Pakistani Twitter is lamenting the loss of the ‘life of the programme,’ while criticising Khan’s acting abilities as Azlan.

Aly’s amazing acting abilities astonished the crowd, who were shocked by Shanaya’s death. So much so that her portrayal of Shanaya will be remembered for years to come by her fans. If you’re not sure how the tale will continue without Aly, check out what fans have to say about the most recent episode.

We need more Shanayas

The Khel Khel Mein star’s remarkable performance has sparked much praise on Twitter. The majority of people liked her outspoken and independent personality. Aly’s grip on her persona served as a “inspiration for young girls juggling family and work goals.”

Shanaya left the show “too soon,” according to one Twitter user, but she was praised for her character’s “great influence on the viewers” by risking her life for justice and loved


Shanaya deserved better

Twitter users were quick to point out that Azka’s (Yumna Zaidi’s) character, who is known for crying at the smallest discomfort, showed no emotion when Shanaya died. They felt that a character that was so motivating and well-liked should have gotten a more “authentic-looking” response.

Azlan failed to deliver

While the singer was initially praised for his acting abilities, this episode proved to be a disappointment for him. Khan’s acting, particularly in the most recent episode, has enraged a slew of fans, who have dubbed his casting “nepotism.” Netizens believe his lacklustre performance made a pivotal scene “cringe-worthy.” Khan, according to many critics, didn’t do justice to a character who had recently lost his wife.

Another user felt that “what could’ve been a goosebump act” felt like a normal scene.


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