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Hareem Shah denies money Laundering allegations after FIA launches probe

Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah has withdrawn her statement after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) decided to open a money-laundering investigation on Hareem Shah after she claimed to be carrying a large sum of money abroad.

The FIA declared on Wednesday that it had decided to open an investigation into her claims that she had “successfully carried a significant quantity of money in cash to the United Kingdom” in violation of the law.

The FIA has decided to write a letter to the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) requesting that Shah be prosecuted.

Hareem’s visit to the UK has previously been investigated, according to an FIA. She confessed to laundering money to the UK, according to the agency, and a probe was begun as a result.

Hareem Shah retracts statement, says she only made a video

The TikToker, who is frequently in the news for all the wrong reasons, amended her earlier statement and denied laundering any money to the UK in response to the news.

“I have not carried any money abroad. I just made a video to say so,” the controversial TikToker said.

She posted a video on social media on January 10, 2022, in which she was seen displaying stacks of British pounds.

The social media sensation said that she “seamlessly” transported the funds out of the country, adding that “neither someone caught me nor they have the [ability] to capture me.”

Hareem explained that she carried a large sum of money abroad because the “Pakistani currency and passport had no value abroad.”

She claimed that while transporting the money outside of Pakistan was not a “big deal” for her, it could pose complications for other Pakistanis.

“However, other Pakistani citizens should be careful [when carrying money abroad] because the country’s law is only for the poor,” she claimed.

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