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Imran Abbas did a QandA to connect back with his fans

Imran Abbas, the actor, was in a chatty mood today, asking his Instagram followers to ask him anything in a fan Q&A session. The actor shared his thoughts on a variety of topics during the Q&A. from talking about his mother’s passing to praising some actors to even sharing John Elia’s prose.

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The Khuda Aur Muhabbat actor recently experienced the heartbreak of losing his mother, and his Q&A reflected this.

The actor is still grieving, which is why he was unable to attend the wedding of actors Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari. “I was formally invited to all of the parties,” he explained. “But Saboor could understand and connect to [my] circumstances. So she gently indicated she wouldn’t push me to come if I didn’t feel comfortable.”

Fans inquired about some of the actors with whom Abbas had previously collaborated. He co-starred in the 2018 drama Noor ul Ain with Sajal Aly, describing her as “my greatest friend with a heart of gold.” He described [Sajal Aly] as “one of the finest [actors] we have.” “She really texted and contacted me every other day after my mum died to see how I was doing.”

Sana Javed, with whom he co-starred in the drama Darr Khuda Sey, was also included. “When I’m with her, there’s never a dull moment,” Abbas added.


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We’re happy to see Abbas’ positive vibes with his fans after a long time. It’s also quite inspiring to witness celebrities supporting one another. Let’s hope he gets through these trying times after his mother’s death and do more of these sit-downs with fans.

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